May. 29th, 2014

My primary response to the Isla Vista incident is soul-deadening boredom. Is there a word for hatred of children? I didn't hear it much when Adam Lanza took out his narcissistic psychopaths Mad Libs and scribbled "elementary school kids" into the plural noun for who you're going to blame and then slaughter. Six people died in Santa Barbara. Six.

Twenty children died at Sandy Hook. Three thousand women and men fell from burning towers in the sky, when a spell cast from The Book of the Dead said "Americans". Huge, steel gears turned, and dusty pages of the Bardo Thodol rustled: someone wrote "Terrorists" in the margins and millions died. An angry child God stamped his foot somewhere off the coast of Indonesia and a great wave came and took a hundred thousand. Some had a cunt and some had a cock. There are no immortal genitals. All but the simplest organisms have gender.

Murder is a continuous function. I am writing this and I am going to die. You are reading this and you are going to die. Where is the hashtag for entropy? Violence is unacceptable, yet we pay our government to do unacceptable violence. We thank something in the sky for starting to disassemble us the moment we're born. What's the difference between a Nazi gas chamber and terminal pancreatic cancer? Thirty-six million people have died of AIDS because they wanted what nature had made both pleasure and disease.



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