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The neighbor upstairs that Montange hated was Billy Fontaine. Billy was an accountant and a straight guy. He sometimes had uninteresting sex with a fat ex-girlfriend. The rest of the time he did people's taxes and jerked off. Whatever he could look at that was stranger than the next thing did it for him. He'd also occasionally get into a video game and play it like a ten year old, even though he was in his mid-forties.

On a Tuesday, Billy was doing some taxes when he got turned on. Instead of looking at porn, he browsed Backpage to see if there was any rub and tug action in his area. He found an ad showing glammy shots of Asian teens that looked promising. He knew though, when he got there, he would probably be getting a handjob from a woman who looked like she had just been fired from a laundry mat.

He called the number and asked if they were open and the woman said something like, "You come now?" Billy said, "I come now." So he took off his sweatpants and put on fat front khakis and headed out. He took the 6 train up a few stations and got out and walked to the massage parlor. Along the way he stopped and ate a slice of pizza, spilling some olive oil on his blue checkered shirt.

He got to the address and rang the bell. A mundane Chinese woman around thirty came to the door. She led him into a foyer decorated with Chinatown dollar trinkets and mini bamboo plants. She said, "You want massage-ey?" Billy nodded but was disappointed, thinking she would be his masseuse. Then an older but much sluttier woman appeared and took him by the hand. She said hello with a thick accent and said, "Good massage-ey." Then she slid her hand over his balls and let him into a little room in the back and told him to take off his clothes.
Billy lay naked on the massage table. The woman came in and ran her finger down his back and over the crack of his fat ass. He started to get hard. The woman asked, "You like a strong massage-y or soft?" Billy said he wanted it medium. She put on some Chinese muzak and started rubbing his body. She worked him up and down and then started stroking him softly.

She caressed the inside of his thighs and went up to his balls. Then she stopped and said she would be right back. She left and came back with hot wet towels, and rubbed his ass and then his asshole. She spent a long time wiping his asshole with the towel. Billy started moaning. "You likey?" she asked. Billy nodded.

She started again with the light stroking, but Billy realized it started to feel different. She was using the tip of her tongue on him, all over the cheeks of his ass and then the crack. She pushed his legs apart and got on the table. Her hands pulled his cheeks apart and she started licking his asshole. Billy's cock was raging. The woman got into it more and more and rimmed his ass deeper and faster. He was delirious.

All of a sudden she got off the table and told him to turn over. She put a pillow under his neck and took off all her clothes except her bra and sneakers. Climbing back on the table, she stood with her feet at his elbows, facing away from him. She squatted down with her ass sticking out towards his face and took his cock in all the way in her mouth. The woman's cunt was right in Billy's face. It was bald and covered in razor bumps, and hot with a thin stream of her cum leaking out.

The woman sucked Billy's cock long and deep, and rubbed his wet balls with her hands. Billy felt like he was just a minute away from blowing a huge load, when the woman got up again and turned around, still holding his cock. Her face was wild with lust and her lipstick smeared. She pointed to her cunt, insisting. Billy could barely breathe. "Yeah, yeah, yeah!" he said.

The woman squatted down and fucked him. She bucked her hips back and forth and Billy shot loads of cum into her. His orgasm was so powerful he blacked out.

When he woke up he saw the woman looking horrified and something smelled bad. "You fuck!" the woman screamed, "You shit all over massage-y table. You shit! What fucka your problem eh!?" Billy felt the mortifying smear of his own excrement between his legs and ass.

There was the sound of feet running. The other massage girl and a big white dude with lots of tattoos and shaved head came in. The dude looked at the scene and pinched his nose with his hand. "Oh fuck man!" he said, "What are you a fuckin' infant? A fuckin' baby?" The other girl screamed and ran.

Apologies started pouring out of Billy as he tried to cover his midsection and his accident with a little washcloth. He started crying which seemed to enrage the big dude even more. He took off his belt and started whipping Billy with it. "Get in the fuckin' shower you fat fuck!" The dude pointed to a room down the hall and Billy got up and ran for it. The dude followed him in and punched the back of Billy's head hard; he saw stars. Then he pushed him in the shower and turned on only the cold water. The dude got a gray, rotten old floor mop out of a little closet and started rubbing it all over Billy's ass like an elephant being cleaned at a zoo. Billy was crouched down and crying. It seemed to go on for hours.

The dude calmed down some and turned off the water. He dried off Billy and got some baby powder out of the same closet he got the mop. He covered Billy with a ton of powder, especially his dick and ass, and then took out a box of adult diapers and made Billy put one on. "You're a good little baby aren't you?" Billy nodded fearfully. "Come here," the dude said, unbuttoning his shirt.

He picked up Billy and held him like a child, with his lips right at the dude's hairy nipple. "Time for your feeding," the dude said. Billy knew he didn't have a choice, so he closed his eyes and sucked on the dudes nipple gently.
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