Jun. 13th, 2014 09:41 pm
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Protagonist is introduced with a selfish and shallow pride

Protagonist is then accidentally exposed to information that destroys his/her ego

A twist of fate leads the protagonist on a journey where (s)he is required to overcome his/her selfish pride

After completing the journey successfully, the protagonist is welcomed home in glory by old enemies turned new friends

Protagonist is too perfect for the world, and is run over by a falafel cart in a tragic last scene


Protagonist is an expert in a field of science but is bad with romantic matters

Protagonist has same-sex best friend who is something of a player but not very intelligent

After a series or romantic disasters, the protagonist sets out to steal the personality traits of the friend that makes him/her so desirable to the opposite sex

Protagonist's experiment goes awry and protagonist wakes up homosexual and falls happily-ever-after, mutually in love with friend


Protagonist harbors a secret life of drugs, gambling and prostitution

Protagonist's addictions land him/her in rehab where they meet an unexpectedly desirable priest/nun who heals them

Priest/nun's feelings are reciprocal and priest/nun decides to leave the church to pursue a relationship with the protagonist

The relationship is briefly wonderful but then devolves into mutual abuse of drugs, gambling and prostitution

Only the protagonist gets out clean. The priest/nun dies from the addictions



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